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People are the key to success

A group of associates are lifting another associate who is celebrated and enjoying it.

We create an environment that enables all associates to contribute to the long-term success of the company, to realize their full potential, and to feel comfortable at Bosch. In this we are guided by a positive view on people, by our Bosch values and our aspiration for excellence. Our unique company culture, in which every person is valued, connects all associates. At Bosch, people are at the heart of our strategy.

Our foundation

The Bosch values, originating from our company founder, ground our actions and give orientation in a challenging environment. We support and encourage our associates to act independently and decisively. We align our human resources management consequently with the needs of our associates and make our employees fit for the transformation. We foster a culture shaped by trust, respect and openness which encourages self-determined work and effective collaboration. This leads to high engagement, a productive cooperation and better results.

The board of management and the employee representatives also commit to complying with human rights, equal opportunities, fair working conditions, and global standards in occupational health and safety. The 11 principles are based on the core labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO).


Bosch values the diversity of its associates’ perspectives, experience, and lifestyles. We are convinced that mixed teams often produce better results and that appreciation of individuality is beneficial for the working atmosphere. That is why diversity is a fixed element of our corporate strategy and anchored in our mission statement “We are Bosch” as one of our values. Bosch respects and protects the personal dignity of each individual, tolerates neither discrimination nor harassment of associates, and promotes diversity. It is very important to us that — irrespective of gender, age, background, or any other aspects — all associates around the globe feel valued and can devote their individual strengths, experience, and potential to the company.

Picture shows the outline of a group of people. The outline is colorful.

Resolute goal: preventing accidents at work

Picture with a white, rectangular speech bubble on a yellow surface. In the speech bubble you can see the outline of a person with a safety helmet next to the words “Safety is my business”. There are black stripes on the bottom of the picture.

We take our responsibility seriously: hazards for our associates must be reduced to the greatest extent possible. We are pursuing a clear goal in this regard: by 2020, the accident rate at Bosch is to be lowered to 1.7 accidents per million hours worked. With an accident rate of 1.5 in 2020, we have achieved this goal. Although pandemic-related restrictions in 2020 probably helped lower the accident rate, we still expect a sustained improvement in occupational safety. With a new set of objectives, we now want to build on what we have achieved and successfully continue on our path to greater occupational safety: by 2025, we aim to lower the number of work accidents at Bosch to 1.45 accidents per million hours worked.

A key to our success is recognizing dangerous situations before an accident occurs. So in order to prevent accidents at work, we focus on training and awareness-raising measures. We draw on innovative concepts and new technologies to provide our associates with attractive and varied offers.

You can find further information about the amount of work related accidents in our sustainability figures.

Six principles for more safety

With six principles, our Safety Basics initiative forms the foundation for a culture of safety at Bosch. They are intended to support associates and executives to look out for each other and avoid accidents in their daily work. We use a variety of communication measures to repeatedly draw attention to our principles because they lay the foundation for our daily activities.

  1. Safety is the basis for everything we do
  2. As leaders, we care about your safety
  3. We ensure a safe work environment for all
  4. We take care for each other’s safety
  5. We speak openly about safety
  6. We have zero tolerance for negligence

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