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Research focus topics

Digitalization, climate change, resource scarcity – for us at Bosch Research, today’s major upheavals are the focus of our research work. We bring together competencies from different fields of innovations, evaluate technology drivers and initiate research projects to meet market needs and major trends. For us, it is crucial that our research always makes a demonstrable contribution to improving the quality of life and promotes acceptance of and trust in new technologies.

Get an insight into selected focal points of our research:

Research regarding AIoT security

Research regarding AIoT security

Bosch combines artificial intelligence (AI) and the 必威论坛 (IoT) in the AIoT. Data serve as a basis for optimizing our products. This increases the need for privacy and AIoT security. We address this need with numerous research projects.


Research projects for sustainability

We do research that really matters. And few things matter more these days than activities that aim for a sustainable transformation of industry and everyday life. Some good examples of sustainability research projects at Bosch.