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Connected and intelligent systems and services from Bosch

A new age of human-machine collaboration is coming

In the future, humans and intelligent machines will form a human-machine society. Ubiquitous connectivity, smart interaction and collaboration mechanisms will help solve problems more efficiently, safely and without error. Bosch is researching systems operating in an open and highly distributed environment without centralized intelligence, which will be a hallmark of this new age.

Connected and intelligent systems

A human-machine society

Bosch envisions a future human-machine society where autonomous machines and humans collectively solve problems in everyday life and industrial applications. This requires systems with capabilities to negotiate about common goals and collectively search for an optimized system solution.

More than just automating processes, AI systems are augmenting human capabilities and enabling people and machines to work collaboratively.

Forbes Insights (2018)

When humans and machines operate in such a mode, they will require ubiquitous connectivity and the means to understand and transact with each other. Furthermore, the machines will require a certain consciousness about their own capabilities and limits to be a reliable participant in any interactions. This even requires the machine to explain goals and tasks to other peers, be they humans or machines. Efficient and reliable collaboration will require the exchange of data in real time, even over great distances.

Evolution of the 必威论坛

With these highly connected intelligent systems, the market will be transformed from today’s singular, vertical 必威论坛 (IoT) solutions to IoT ecosystems in which growth will further shift from hardware to services and applications. Bosch is researching connected systems and services in the most important domains (industry, mobility, home, health) of an evolved IoT ecosystem.

Our systems cover leading-edge sensors, ubiquitous connectivity, and high intelligence, providing the interface between users and things and thus allowing access to data. This will allow us to understand customer needs and offer unique services across multiple domains.

Eight technology fields

Bosch is actively working on solutions in eight technology fields to complete this vision. It begins with distributed ledger technology, which is fundamental to decentralized systems that can safely conduct transactions with others.

Explainable artificial intelligence and mechanisms for decentralized reasoning, planning and task execution follow and comprise abstract levels of intelligence that allow for information exchange and planning.


Bosch is working on solutions in eight fields that will shape the future of interactions between humans and machines.

Developing semantic technologies and ensuring ubiquitous connectivity as well as security and privacy will create a common “language” between distributed systems and establish the reliability and trust of these systems.

Finally, the efficient and effective use of energy as well as sustainable hardware solutions are necessary as data volume and computational tasks will grow exponentially and devices must reliably operate with a longer lifetime.

A wide band of applications

We are exploring various use-case areas in automotive, industry, energy and building, and consumer goods sectors. The diverse range of applications for this technology presents an opportunity for Bosch to be a world leader in connected & intelligent systems and services.


Bosch is focusing research activities on highly connected and intelligent systems to advance the state of the art and prepare our business units for upcoming trends.

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