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Clean air, water and food supplies for coming generations

Developing a holistic approach to our greatest global challenges

Clean air, high water quality and a reliable food supply are basic human needs. Bosch is focusing research on technological solutions that will secure these needs in the future by developing solutions for sensing, monitoring and processing, and thus contributing to sustainable life.

Clean water

Looming challenges

The megatrends we are facing define the challenges humans will face in the coming generation. Global population will reach 8.5 billion in another decade and almost 10 billion by the year 2050. Meanwhile, the accelerating impacts of climate change and urbanization add complexity to these fundamental questions: How do we provide enough clean air, water and food to all human beings?

We believe these challenges will be solved with new technologies and Bosch is deepening research in these areas to address these challenges head on.

9.8 billion

estimated global population in 2050

Air pollution a top priority

According to the OECD, air pollution is projected to become the top cause of environmentally related casualties worldwide by 2050. Particulate matter and ozone pose the greatest challenges outdoors, but indoor air quality is also of significant concern.

At Bosch Research we strive for excellence in understanding the causal relationship between natural or man-made emissions, imissions and air quality. We believe we can create solutions that ensure clean air in all areas of life. These solutions will combine multiple technologies such as reliable air quality sensing and area covering air quality information, energy-efficient purification technologies and IoT capabilities, which could take effect as products and services. Naturally, ease of use as well as sustainability are important must-haves for us.

Water treatment technologies

Clean water must be available in much larger amounts in the future. This necessitates water treatment in order to obtain tap water with drinking water quality throughout the world. Additionally, there will be demand for processed water, for example with a low hardness grade. We need efficient and robust treatment technologies that minimize energy consumption, maximize water recovery rate, reduce maintenance and have low impact on the environment.

Current treatment technologies include reverse osmosis, micro- and nanofiltration, electrodialysis, desalination and distillation techniques. At Bosch, we are also pointing research towards new approaches that have the potential to outperform state-of-the-art technologies.

Smart agriculture and food supply

The core challenge in future agriculture and food production is the shift to more resource efficiency and sustainability, covering all areas of the food value chain from the field to fork. The world needs technical innovations to increase sustainable food production. At the same time, we have to use natural resources in a more efficient way, drastically decrease agricultural greenhouse gases and reduce food waste.

We want to shape and support the transformative process in agricultural food production towards smart holistic concepts. To solve these challenges, the combination of different technology stacks like sensors, software, connectivity, robotics, data mining, and self-learning systems is essential. We blend these technologies with specific domain knowledge, because cross-domain approaches offer enormous opportunities for improvement in agriculture and will shape the future of food supply.

Meeting the challenge

At Bosch, we believe ingenuity will define our response to these global challenges. Innovations can supply the technological solutions that will produce robust and efficient air and water treatment as well as ensure reliable and sustainable food supplies for generations to come.

19 - 29%

of total GHG emissions – food system emissions


Global population is expanding dramatically, and as a result, we need new ideas to ensure there is enough food, clean air and water for all. Bosch is investing in developing the technology that can ensure a sustainable life on earth.

Clean water

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