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Discover how the Bosch IoT Suite provides a toolbox for IoT applications as well as the platform for specific industry solutions.

The way the IoT is transforming the world offers great opportunities for many sectors, such as manufacturing, mobility, energy, and more. Discover how Bosch software solutions help companies improve the way they run their businesses and bring new revenue channels and products to life.

Remote diagnosis and maintenance of agricultural machinery based on Bosch IoT Technology

Remote diagnosis and maintenance of agricultural machinery
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IoT technologies, solutions, and services

The Bosch IoT Suite is a cloud-enabled software package for developing applications in the internet of things

Bosch IoT Suite

Bosch’s IoT platform allows you to realize innovative business models in the 必威论坛 and cross-domain applications. The Bosch IoT Suite is a flexible IoT platform based on industry standards and open source.

More than 6.2 million devices are already connected via the Bosch IoT Suite

The Bosch IoT Suite allows developers to quickly build, implement, and operate cloud-based and highly scalable IoT applications. Its cloud services address all common IoT requirements, such as reliably connecting and administering devices, machines, and gateways, providing secure access management, executing software rollout processes, connecting third-party systems and services, and managing and analyzing data.

Bosch IoT Suite toolbox in the cloud for developing IoT applications and solutions

  • Efficient, highly scalable IoT platform
  • Trusted and secure handling data of connected devices
  • Open approach and flexibly usable for different IoT application scenarios
  • Quick set up and deployment of IoT applications
  • Standardized, easy integration of devices using different communication protocols

Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRM) for intelligent process and rules management

BPM and BRM software

A strong match: flexible end-to-end process management with inubit BPM, and intelligent decisions thanks to transparent business rules management (BRM) with Visual Rules.

Automated processes and flexible business rules crucial for your business’s success

Agility and flexibility are key to success. inubit BPM gives you greater agility in how you structure business processes and IT systems, making workflows lean and transparent. As a result, core processes become more flexible and efficient. Our Business Rules Management software Visual Rules lets you respond flexibly to modified requirements and automate decisions - and thanks to the graphical approach, no programming expertise is necessary.

Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRM) for intelligent process and rules management

  • Flexible process automation
  • Trackable decisions
  • Intuitive modeling
  • Test-driven quality assurance
  • Powerful integration capabilities

Bosch IoT Gateway Software

Bosch IoT Gateway Software

Connecting all things to your IoT application: Our OSGi-based software enables efficient realization of gateway-based IoT scenarios for smart homes, Industry 4.0, connected cars, agriculture, retail and eHealth.

OSGi-based gateway middleware stack

You can connect almost any asset, device, or thing – from any vendor or vintage – via our Bosch IoT Gateway Software. By supporting a great variety of protocols out of the box, we help make things web-enabled from end to end.

Our software makes it possible to operate local applications on the gateway – even without an internet connection. It also makes your IoT business future-proof: once you integrate a device, it will be compatible with all current and all future applications. And thanks to ideal backend software, our Bosch IoT Remote Manager, gateways can be managed and monitored remotely.

OSGi-based gateway middleware stack

  • Support of open industry standard OSGi incl. certification
  • Built on open APIs
  • Provides out-of-the-box support for most connectivity protocols
  • Optimized for use in embedded devices

Connected Agriculture
Industry solutions

Connected Agriculture

Bosch Connected Agriculture activities support sound decision-making and optimize value networks in order to ensure maximum yields and quality in a sustainable way.

From farm to fork: IoT meets Agribusiness

Agriculture is highly sensitive to environmental conditions. We deliver essential insights on these conditions, enabling timely actions and great boosts in farm productivity and efficiency. Data-driven services for asset and crop monitoring, yield and disease prediction or irrigation optimization support with complex decision-making processes.

Connected Agriculture

  • Right decisions at the right time with early risk identification
  • Optimized processes and savings with data-driven business models

Bosch Connected Buildings software offers greater efficiency and convenience for commercial buildings
Industry solutions

Connected Buildings

Bosch Connected Building solutions enable remote monitoring and optimization of services and maintenance for building owners and operators.

Bosch Connected Building software offers greater efficiency and convenience for commercial buildings

New technologies place new demands on work environments in commercial buildings. Bosch Connected Building solutions enable remote monitoring and optimization of services and maintenance for building owners and operators. For building equipment manufacturers, our software serves as a foundation on which to develop new business models based on connectivity (e.g. Light as a Service).

Connected Building: Greater efficiency and convenience for building management and maintenance

  • Gain essential insights into commercial buildings and building equipment
  • Enable new services for data-driven business models
  • Reduce service costs while improving efficiency

Intelligent energy management with Connected Energy solutions
Industry solutions

Connected Energy

New solutions of energy management designed for distribution network operators, metering point operators, dealers, and suppliers.

Simplify energy management

Renewable energy and distributed energy sources are shaping today’s energy markets, while smart grid and smart meter technology offers a range of intelligent functions. Bosch Connected Energy provides new solutions of intelligent energy management designed for distribution network operators, metering point operators, service providers, dealers, and suppliers.

Connecetd Energy: Simplify the energy management

  • Digitalize the energy industry
  • Create new business models
  • Grid improvement

Connected mobility, electromobility, charging network, intermodal transportation
Industry solutions

Connected Mobility

Connected mobility solutions meet the challenges of modern-day transportation by connecting vehicles, infrastructure, and transport data.

Connected Mobility Solutions shape the future of transportation

Bosch is putting the future of mobility on the road. Its Connected Mobility solutions link charge point operators to form seamless networks for electric vehicles. They connect cars to the cloud to increase safety and convenience, and connect people to the right mode of transportation to efficiently get from here to there. Connected mobility is changing the way people move — today and tomorrow.

Connected Mobility Solutions shape the future of transportation

  • Increased safety and comfort
  • Create value out of data
  • Reduced environmental footprint

Smart cities and smart buildings
Industry solutions

Smart City Solutions

Bosch makes cities smarter — by connecting traffic data, energy production and consumption, and security services.

Shaping the era of smart cities

By 2050, six billion of the world’s people will live in cities. Smart cities improve their quality of life as well as the city’s economic efficiency while conserving resources — by managing traffic, mobility, and energy and offering related services to their citizens. Smart commercial buildings adapt to user requirements, save energy, and provide increased safety and security.

Shaping the era of smart cities

  • New smart city services
  • Unlocked value of data delivered by city or community
  • Localized real-time information and services provided by mobile applications

Services for the success of business models in the IoT

Customer Success Services

Bosch customer success services offer consulting in the area of business modelling, user experience and open source as well as training and support.

Services for the success of business models in the IoT

Bosch assists its customers every step of the way: from business model development and user experience concept design to training, support services, and open-source consulting. In this way, Bosch ensures that its customers can not only launch IoT solutions quickly, but also that these solutions remain successful over the long term.

IoT know-how, making solutions more feasible and business cases more accurate

  • Track-proven IT know-how combined with domain knowledge
  • Business model development expertise
  • Methods based on research results

Why Bosch software solutions

A leader in IoT competence, technology, solutions, and services

Software Solutions - We connect devices

We connect devices and machines

More than 10 million sensors, devices, and machines are already connected via the Bosch IoT Suite. More than 700 IoT experts and 250 IoT projects around the world bring products to life.

Software Solutions - Make IoT happen

We make IoT happen — together

When our customers implement IoT solutions, we assist them throughout the entire process. We plan business models together, develop user experience strategies, and offer training and support. A one-stop shop for your IoT needs.

Software Solutions - Cost effective

We are cost effective

Bosch customers can quickly start to develop their own applications using a range of IoT-ready services in the Bosch IoT Suite, or use the solutions specific to their industry.

Software Solutions - Open and flexible

We are open and flexible

Bosch Software Solutions support open, standard-based approaches to integrate with other services. They can be hosted in various ways to meet customer requirements.

Software Solutions - Leading user

We are leading user and provider in I4.0

Bosch is currently realizing use cases for Industry 4.0 in more than 100 pilot projects. With over 260 production plants around the world, we have extensive know-how ranging from manufacturing to energy and mobility.

Software Solutions - Trust and security

We value trust and security

In the interests of users and end customers, we pursue the highest standards of data privacy. Our data privacy policy requires us to provide users with a transparent overview of what data is generated and how it is used.

How edge computing complements the cloud in IoT

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