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Bosch is transforming the cities of the future into vibrant, attractive, and sustainable places for people to be. These connected cities are interactive communities where everyday life is easy and efficient and people are in tune with each other and their city.

Smart Cities: Is it still your city?

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Smart communities in San Francisco

Smart communities in San Francisco

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All smart cities solutions at a glance

All smart cities solutions at a glance


• Virtual power plants
• Energy storage solutions
• Energy-efficient heating, cooling, and hot water systems


• Connected home appliances
• Connected building solutions
• Smart Homes


• Connected parking
• Intermodal transportation
• E-Mobility
• Environmental monitoring
• Fleet management


• City data platform
• Community app

Safety and security

• Safety and security solutions
• Flood recognition

Smart Bosch solutions for cities

Sensors on the floor indicate available parking spaces and guides the driver to them

Connected parking

Through its smart networking with the infrastructure, the active parking-lot management guides drivers directly to the available parking spaces.

Bosch simplifies parking with connected parking

Narrow roads and high vehicle traffic density make driving difficult, especially the daily search for a parking space; it not only costs time and money, but results in frayed nerves. Bosch is developing solutions that simplify parking altogether — right from the search for spaces to the parking manuever itself — whether on the street or in a parking lot.

Connected solutions make parking easier

  • Improve quality of life by simplifying parking
  • Cut emissions by shortening searches for parking spaces
  • Save time and reduce stress
  • Find vacant parking spaces with real-time information
  • Enjoy more convenience while reducing vehicle damage

App provides information about nearby charging stations for electrical vehicles


Charging apps let drivers of electric vehicles conveniently access nearly the entire public and web-enabled charging infrastructure.

Charging apps: charging made easy

The free charging apps allow drivers of electric vehicles to conveniently charge their cars using public charging infrastructure. Using the apps, you can locate and use just about any web-enabled public charging point. Electromobility made easy, whenever and wherever you want. Bosch provides the apps in collaboration with various OEM partners (e.g. Z.E.Pass with Renault).

Convenient charging of electric vehicals anywhere

  • Charge point operators can work together to cover a wider area
  • End users get transparent overview of charging times and costs
  • Drivers can go online and search for and reserve available charging points
  • They get access to all public charging points on a given platform under a single contract

A platform or app offers information about intermodal transportation with integrated booking and payment options

Intermodal transportation

Integrated information and booking platform for mixed-mode transportation, e.g. car and bike sharing, public transport and parking spaces.

Intermodal mobility: when every mode is the right one

With the intermodal transportation platform, commuters can conveniently choose from among different means of transport for the route they want to take. Live data supplies the basis for an informed decision about costs, availability, and realistic travel time. Tickets cover the complete route and all modes of transport, such as local public transit, car- and bike-sharing, and even taxis.

Intermodal tranportation brings together various mobility providers on one platform

  • Improved control over traffic flow
  • More efficient travel times for commuters
  • Higher utilization rate of existing infrastructure
  • Deferred need to invest in additional infrastructure improves financial situation
  • Reduced CO₂ emissions per km/person

Air quality monitoring systems improves energy efficiency and traffic flows of cities

Environmental monitoring

Analyzing of micro-climate and high resolution data in cities helps to identify real-time air quality patterns in a bid to influence traffic flow.

Better air quality through efficient environmental monitoring

The micro-climate monitoring system is a comprehensive air quality monitoring system that helps measure and evaluate the concentration of air pollutants in a specific region. Both, governments and industries, can leverage data metrics collected from the system to devise stringent air pollution control measures.

Improving air quality in cities with environmental monitoring

  • Community: Evaluation and prediction of current and future trends on ambient air pollution levels
  • Industries: Integration with real time safety and compliance tracking system
  • Traffic Management: Efficient urban transportation planning with specific focus to traffic routing and control

Real-time access to vehicle data optimizes operational processes

Fleet management

Comprehensive service portfolio gives fleet managers a constant, real-time overview of all vehicle data so they can optimize operational processes.

Greater productivity through connected fleet management

Bosch’s telematics services offer fleet operators detailed real-time information for intelligent fleet management. The services allow them to reduce total costs per vehicle, schedule inspections and repairs more effectively, and manage vehicle capacity utilization more conveniently.

Real-time information for intelligent fleet management

  • Greater transparency regarding vehicle condition and workshop services
  • Improved scheduling of inspections and repairs leads to reduced downtimes and overall costs
  • Better analysis opportunities increase fleet productivity

The city data platform is a central point for connecting different services and sources

City data platform and community app

The tool for cities and communities allows to monitor, analyze and predict data and processes to connect city administration with citizens.

Central communication and integration platform for cities and communities

The central communication and integration platform links municipal and public services. It connects city and community stakeholders (e.g. residents, tourists, government) together with certain parts of the public infrastructure (e.g. cafés, restaurants, retailers) and other service providers (e.g. mobility services).

The Bosch city data platform serves as a central point for connecting various services and sources

  • Possible to develop new smart-city services faster and more easily than before
  • The available data is presented in a better way and delivers city or community related information
  • A mobile application provides localized real-time information and services

Intelligent video surveillance helps in efficiently monitoring public areas
Safety and Security

Safety and security solutions

A wide range of networked solutions for efficiently monitoring public areas in cities and effectively managing security, safety, and communications.

Public Video Surveillance for safer cities and communities

Bosch offers a wide range of networked video surveillance solutions for efficiently monitoring public areas in cities. These enable faster detection and prosecution of crimes and, in many cases, constitute effective deterrents that prevent crimes from being committed in the first place.

Video surveillance make cities safer

  • Authorities quickly detect potential threats
  • Security forces are able to take rapid, targeted action
  • Collecting data on traffic patterns helps to reprogram traffic lights and improve traffic flows

Optimize grid and energy trading with virtual power plants

Virtual power plants

Creating a virtual power plant will make it easier to optimize grid stability and maximize energy trading earnings.

Optimizing grid stability and revenues from energy trade

The VPP bundles the flexibilities of distributed energy resources (e.g. wind farms, solar plants, energy storage units, electric vehicles). The forecasting of power production and demand as well as data analytics for grid monitoring are the basis for optimizing revenues from diverse energy trading options. They help to monitor and optimize grid stability by offering grid ancillary services.

The virtual power plant bundles the flexibilities of distributed energy resources

  • Increases revenues from energy trading options
  • Reduces cost of grid operations and investments in grid infrastructure
  • Enables new business models for a digitalized energy market

Energy-efficient heating, cooling, and hot water systems have connectivity features for maximium reliability

Energy-efficient heating, hot water and cooling systems

Highly efficient heating, cooling, and hot water systems for apartments, buildings and even entire cities with connectivity features.

Connected energy systems for maximum efficiency

Connected heat generators allow more than just safe remote access for the operators: thanks to a gateway to customer service, the machine’s condition can be assessed remotely and malfunctions reduced or even prevented. Operators can also access and control their systems remotely and conveniently evaluate system efficiency.

Connected heating appliances in apartments, office buildings or for district heating provide increased reliability

  • Secure remote access — anytime
  • Simple and convenient for the user
  • Gateway to the Bosch customer service
  • Reduced energy costs thanks to intelligent analysis
  • Possible to combine heat and distributed power generation

Energy storage solutions ensure efficient and smart energy transmission and distribution

Energy storage solutions

Intelligent battery based storage solutions to enable a sustainable, reliable, and cost effective electricity supply.

Intelligent energy storage solutions

Storage is the key technology for an efficient and reliable integration of fluctuating wind and solar energy. Bosch offers intelligent turnkey battery solutions, enabling innovative energy supply concepts for communities and commercial, and industrial customers. The advanced control strategy and operational services maximize the revenues from renewables and storage.

Innovative energy supply concepts for communities and commercial and industrial customers

  • Sustainable and cost-effective electricity supply based on local renewable energy sources
  • Reliable and optimized grid operation by minimizing demand peaks and power peaks from renewable energy generation
  • Savings through optimal sizing and operation of battery storage and energy assets connected to it

Intelligent connected building solutions for commercial buildings

Connected buildings

The solution allows remote monitoring and management of commercial building operations and equipment.

Connectivity leads to more efficiency and comfort in commercial buildings

The Connected Building solution links together key building equipment inside commercial buildings. The software analyzes and interprets building data and transforms it into valuable information. It enables building owners and managers to remotely monitor and control their buildings along with infrastructure.

Connected Building: intelligent solutions for commercial buildings

  • Gain essential insights into commercial buildings and building equipment
  • Reduce service costs while increasing service and enhancing performance
  • Optimize usage efficiency through space management
  • Enable new services for data-driven business models

Connected home appliances and smart home controlled by an app

Smart home and connected household appliances

An interoperable solution connects all home-related IoT devices and household appliances made by Bosch or external partners.

Bosch makes the home comfortable and safe and the daily life easier

The new home appliances and smart home devices with connectivity functions open up completely new possibilities at home. It is possible to control and monitor all appliances and smart home devices (also from partners) remotely and conveniently from the smartphone or tablet. This makes the everyday life even easier.

Bosch hob and hood with home connect functions and a hand holding a smart phone. Home connect logo. Smart home app

  • Integrated Wi-Fi module
  • Remote Control via the Home Connect or smart home App
  • Easy installation
  • Secure data handling
  • Combination of different devices

All smart cities solutions at a glance

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Bosch solutions for livable, sustainable, and resilient cities

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