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Smart Building Solutions from Bosch

Better quality of life for residents and users

Connected devices, services and smart living solutions from Bosch

Modern looking building with trees

Bosch is transforming the buildings and surroundings of the future into vibrant, attractive, and sustainable places for people to be. These connected buildings are interactive communities where everyday life is easy, efficient and people are in tune with each other and their building.

Solutions for Smart Living

All Smart Living Solutions at a glance

A connected building with different floors and tags with symbols


• SOFC Fuel cell
• Energy storage solutions
• Energy-efficient heating, cooling
• Hot water systems


• Connected home appliances
• Connected building solutions
• Smart Homes
• WeWash Solutions


• Connected parking
• Intermodal transportation
• E-Mobility
• Environmental monitoring
• Fleet management

Construction phase

• Lean Management for buildings
• Power Tools
• IoT Workshops

Safety and security

• Safety and security solutions
• Flood recognition
• Access Control
• Lift Manager
• Fire detection systems

Smart Building Solutions from Bosch

Autonomous car parking via smartphone app

Connected parking

Through its smart networking with the infrastructure, the active parking-lot management guides drivers directly to the available parking spaces.

Bosch simplifies parking with connected parking

Narrow roads and high vehicle traffic density make driving difficult, especially the daily search for a parking space; it not only costs time and money, but results in frayed nerves. Bosch is developing solutions that simplify parking altogether — right from the search for spaces to the parking manuever itself — whether on the street or in a parking lot.

Connected solutions make parking easier


  • Improve quality of life by simplifying parking
  • Cut emissions by shortening searches for parking spaces
  • Save time and reduce stress
  • Find vacant parking spaces with real-time information
  • Enjoy more convenience while reducing vehicle damage

Man with smartphone checking the battery status of his charging car


Charging apps let drivers of electric vehicles conveniently access nearly the entire public and web-enabled charging infrastructure.

Charging apps: charging made easy

The free charging apps allow drivers of electric vehicles to conveniently charge their cars using public charging infrastructure. Using the apps, you can locate and use just about any web-enabled public charging point. Electromobility made easy, whenever and wherever you want. Bosch provides the apps in collaboration with various OEM partners (e.g. Z.E.Pass with Renault).

Convenient charging of electric vehicals anywhere


  • Charge point operators can work together to cover a wider area
  • End users get transparent overview of charging times and costs
  • Drivers can go online and search for and reserve available charging points
  • They get access to all public charging points on a given platform under a single contract

Fire detectors

Fire detection system

We offer you tailor-made solutions in the area of technical fire protection for reliable fire protection measures in compliance with regulations.

Fire Alarm Systems

We at Bosch care about your safety. With over 80 years of experience in fire alarm systems, we provide you with smart products and solutions, designed to let you rest assured that your lives will not only be protected, but quickly and effectively saved.

Fire detector mounted on the ceiling of a shop


  • All products can be combined easily and individually
  • From sourcing raw materials to production, logistics, and technical support, our total commitment is a guarantee of 100% quality
  • Global product portfolio and solutions for EN and UL standards

Three open lifts in a building

Lift Manager

Monitor performance and optimize maintenance with the Lift Manager.

Lift Manager

Lifts are perhaps multistory buildings’ biggest selling point. Building owners and maintenance companies need to keep these key assets operating safely and reliably. That is not easy to do when operating data and qualified technicians are in short supply.

Man in front of a lift


  • A sweeping view of operating and maintenance data
  • Lower cists
  • Less downtime and greater safety

Woman holding a keycard to a card reader.

Access control systems

Bosch makes access management simple and flexible. So that buildings, business equipment, know-how and business processes are reliably protected.

Access Control Systems

Investing in the right technology is central to the protection of your employees, site visitors and ultimately the success of your company. While you naturally want your business premises to be as open and welcoming as possible — as well as making it easy for staff and visitors to move around the building — you need to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized intruders.

Office building with a smart door lock


  • The Bosch access control components offer you a perfectly flexible system for medium to large sized projects.
  • Thanks to the scalability of the hardware components — Access Modular Controllers, readers and credentials — the system grows according to your security needs.

Workers on site planning their daily tasks

Lean management on site

Collaborative planning, consulting, coordination and communication, bundled on a digital platform.

Digitalization of your Lean Management

RefinemySite is a cloud based lean management software that supports your collaborative planning processes, keeps your team members up to date and simplifies documentation on the go. We provide a platform that supports the daily work of all parties involved in construction - and get them moving as a team. Explore our digital lean tool.

Bosch App shown on mobile devices and a screen


  • Planning — simple and always up-to-date
  • Maximum value creation
  • Optimize collaboration

Entrance hall of a modern building

Solutions for carbon neutrality

Be guided by a team of experts on your way to become carbon neutral. With experience and industry know how our team supports you on your individual journey to a carbon neutrality.

Bosch goes beyond: We multiply climate protection

Bosch will be carbon neutral by the end of 2020. With this experience and industry know how our team supports you on your individual journey to a carbon neutral company.

A green leave with sustainable symbols.


  • Increase your energy efficiency
  • Use new clean power
  • Employ green energy
  • Reduce your CO₂ emissions through compensations projects

Bosch high temperature fuel cell

High-temperature fuel cell systems

Flexible and ultra-efficient electricity and heat generation using renewable and conventional energy sources.

Optimizing grid stability and revenues from energy trade

High-temperature fuel cell systems are flexible and highly efficient, which makes them the perfect technology for balancing out fluctuations in energy generation from wind farms and photovoltaic power plants. They can also be used with both renewable and fossil fuel sources, which means they support the transition to a sustainable energy system.

Inside of bosch fuel cell


  • 60% efficiency generating electrical power between five to eleven kilowatts
  • Fuel flexibility (renewable hydrogen, synthetic methane and conventional natural gas)

Man checking the noise level of a ventilator

Energy-efficient heating, hot water and cooling systems

Highly efficient heating, cooling, and hot water systems for apartments, buildings and even entire cities with connectivity features.

Connected energy systems for maximum efficiency

Connected heat generators allow more than just safe remote access for the operators: thanks to a gateway to customer service, the machine’s condition can be assessed remotely and malfunctions reduced or even prevented. Operators can also access and control their systems remotely and conveniently evaluate system efficiency.

Connected heating appliances in apartments, office buildings or for district heating provide increased reliability


  • Secure remote access — anytime
  • Simple and convenient for the user
  • Gateway to the Bosch customer service
  • Reduced energy costs thanks to intelligent analysis
  • Possible to combine heat and distributed power generation

A man in front of Bosch washing machines holding a smartphone with the WeWash App


The smart and retrofittable solution for the billing of shared washing machines and dryers.

Laundry gets a new spin

In the sharing economy, people book cars, swap apartments, and share washing machines and tumble dryers. With digitization and a holistic service concept WeWash revolutionizes the usage of shared appliances.

Waching machine with the WeWash App


  • Digital user journey
  • Managed service with Bosch appliances, or retrofitting of existing machines
  • Customer support on 365 days per year

Youg man with smarthphone stand in a hotel entrance.

Connected buildings

The solution allows remote monitoring and management of commercial building operations and equipment.

Connectivity leads to more efficiency and comfort in commercial buildings

The Connected Building solution links together key building equipment inside commercial buildings. The software analyzes and interprets building data and transforms it into valuable information. It enables building owners and managers to remotely monitor and control their buildings along with infrastructure.

City with a blue tag saying simply connected


  • Gain essential insights into commercial buildings and building equipment
  • Reduce service costs while increasing service and enhancing performance
  • Optimize usage efficiency through space management
  • Enable new services for data-driven business models

A couple with a smartphone standing in the kitchen

Smart home and connected household appliances

An interoperable solution connects all home-related IoT devices and household appliances made by Bosch or external partners.

Bosch makes the home comfortable and safe and the daily life easier

The new home appliances and smart home devices with connectivity functions open up completely new possibilities at home. It is possible to control and monitor all appliances and smart home devices (also from partners) remotely and conveniently from the smartphone or tablet. This makes the everyday life even easier.

Bosch hob and hood with home connect functions and a hand holding a smart phone. Home connect logo. Smart home app


  • Integrated Wi-Fi module
  • Remote Control via the Home Connect or smart home App
  • Easy installation
  • Secure data handling
  • Combination of different devices

Taking up the challenge

All Smart Building Solutions at a glance

Solutions for commercial buildings. First page of the brochure.

Solutions for commercial buildings

Bosch solutions for livable, sustainable, and resilient buildings

Solutions for residental buildings. First page of the brochure.

Solutions for residental buildings

Bosch solutions for livable, sustainable, and resilient buildings

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