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Connected mobility solutions from Bosch

Bosch is seamlessly connecting mobility.

Using connectivity and services, Bosch combines hardware and software solutions to offer complete mobility solutions.

Using connectivity and services, Bosch combines hardware- and software solutions to offer complete mobility solutions.

Bosch connects systems inside and outside the car to create intelligent mobility solutions that make driving smarter. For economical, efficient, safe, and relaxed mobility that’s exciting and enjoyable.

Connected Mobility Highlights

Connected mobility is “Invented for life”

Connected mobility is “Invented for life”

Connected vehicle systems

Connected mobility at Bosch begins in the vehicle. Components and subsystems become complete drive-, driver assistance- and infotainment systems. Together this results in intelligent vehicle technology.

Vehicles connected to the internet

The internet has found its way into the vehicle. Well-versed in vehicle power supplies and internet technology, Bosch brings together the two systems.

Connected services

Connecting vehicles to the internet results in new services and additional benefits that reach far beyond a vehicle's actual functions. Bosch combines vehicle technology with a broad selection of services.

HMI solutions

The interface between humans and machines plays a decisive role in connected mobility. Intelligent HMI systems from Bosch ensure information is well-organized and prioritized.

Connected mobility providers

At Bosch, connected mobility extends far beyond the connected vehicle. Comprehensive mobility solutions link together various means of transportation, infrastructure, and power supply.

Vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity

Today Bosch is working on tomorrow's solutions to interconnect vehicles directly. In the future, this might even be possible without connecting to the internet.

Solutions for connected mobility

Perfectly keyless provides localization and access
Connected mobility

Perfectly keyless

Precise wireless localization and secure key management

Perfectly keyless is a keyless vehicle access system. Both passive vehicle access and start are controlled by a digital key on a mobile phone. Also, Perfectly keyless offers the driver greater convenience and flexibility. An app allows the vehicle owner to grant other users access to their vehicle. For this, an additional key is sent by cloud.

Precise wireless localization and secure key management


  • Keyless functions — Passive vehicle access and start requiring no action on the part of the driver
  • Reliable key location makes it possible to lock, unlock and start the vehicle securely
  • Secure key management makes it possible to use digital keys on a mobile phone

Central Gateway is the central communication node
Connected mobility

Central Gateway (CGW)

Central in-vehicle communication node

CGW is the central communication node, acts as a router and is the gate for all data coming into the vehicle. It connects various bus systems (Ethernet, CAN, LIN) and distributes data secure between all bus systems and the outer world. Due to the access to data, sensors and actors within the whole vehicle the Gateway is able to host the upcoming vehicle functions and connected services.

Central in-vehicle communication node


  • Centralized communication node: data exchange between different domains and control units within vehicles
  • Data exchange: handles the fast growing in-vehicle data rate
  • Security functions: protects the in-vehicle network against unauthorized access
  • Integration: the central communication node “Gateway” is the home for the growing number of cross domain functions and IoT services

The wrong-way driver warning system from Bosch alerts wrong-way drivers and others road users in the danger zone.
Connected mobility

Wrong-way driver warning

Guardian angel in the data cloud

Bosch allows for safe mobility for all traffic participants with this innovative solution. Through the connection in the cloud, wrong-way drivers and all other traffic participants are alerted much earlier than with today’s technologies. This feature is based on anonymized sharing of your location through the telematics unit.

The wrong-way driver warning deploys in a matter of seconds.


  • Enhances safety by directly warning wrong-way drivers and other road users in the vicinity
  • Cloud-based wrong-way driver warning deploys within 10 seconds — much faster than the traffic station on the radio
  • Recommends courses of action to assist wrong-way driver and other affected road users

Bosch mobility apps keep more than just vehicle technology on the cutting-edge.
Connected mobility

Bosch mobility apps

Connected mobility at your fingertipps

Bosch is at the cutting-edge of more than just vehicle technology, and its software environment and service infrastructure. Mobility apps from Bosch always keep your smartphone up to date. Sparing you from exorbitant gas prices, the tiring hunt for a charging station and unnecessary maintenance.

myDriveAssist enables smartphones to read traffic signs while on the road and warn the driver.


  • eBike Connect facilitates data exchange with the on-board computer
  • eMobility shows free charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Drivelog is the digital service booklet with a workshop finder
  • fun2drive records torque, consumption and engine output
  • Sparfahrer shows the most economical route using current gas prices
  • Lifebuddy sends GPS data to the emergency call center, in critical situations

Bosch Secure Truck Parking connects parking infrastructure to resource managers and truck drivers.
Connected mobility

Secure Truck Parking

Secure parking in a smart way

The deficit in truck parking has far-reaching consequences. Higher fuel consumption and accidents caused by overly tired drivers are just two examples. Bosch Secure Truck Parking connects parking infrastructure to the information- and communication-systems of resource managers and truck drivers. Allowing services to be sourced flexibly as needed.

Secure Truck Parking offers real-time information about free parking spaces.


  • Real-time information about free parking spaces
  • Parking space reservations
  • Secure parking lots with security ranking
  • License-plate-based access checks
  • Cash-free payment
  • Transparent reports on parking activities
  • Live messages about parking activities from resource manager

Bosch Connected horizon combines a car's current location with real-time data.
Connected mobility

Connected horizon

Full driving foresight

Highly precise data for enhanced safety and comfort. Bosch Connected horizon combines a vehicle's current location with locally saved map data and also factors in real-time data from the cloud. This enables numerous intelligent new applications for a ride that is safer, more enjoyable and more energy-efficient.

Linked to the cloud, Connected horizon data is available in real-time.


  • Cloud services for current map data
  • Uses real-time information via server connection
  • Automatically adjusts cruise control to speed limit and to advisory curve speed
  • Informs and reduces speed ahead of traffic jams

The CCU enables services that considerably improve driver and passenger comfort.
Connected mobility

Connectivity Control Unit

The central communication unit connects to the outside world

The Central Communication Unit enables services that greatly improve driver and passenger comfort. Thanks to the connection between car and the outside world, the Bosch CCU is highly flexible to use. It facilitates a wide range of services, such as the automated emergency call eCall, for all vehicle classes, whether passenger cars, trucks, or motorcycles.

Originally conceived for trucks, Bosch now offers the Connectivity Control Unit to all vehicle classes.


  • Central vehicle communication unit
  • Hardware and software flexibly adapt to user requests
  • Simple design-in solutions with compact housing
  • Voice, data and web support for additional components
  • Customer-specific user interface on the head unit
  • Supports additional customer-specific functions like: Electronic horizon

mySPIN grants access to Apple/iOS and Android apps on the vehicle's infotainment system.
Connected mobility


Smartphone integration that's safe and distraction-free

Smartphones play a key role in daily communication. mySPIN makes it possible to access Apple/iOS and Android apps on the vehicle’s infotainment system. You can do more with apps than navigate and search for parking spaces, gas stations, and repair shops. Essentially there is an infinite number of possible uses.

Manufacturers maintain complete control via the provided apps.


  • Easy smartphone use in car via the vehicle’s existing screen
  • Smartphone apps maintain their established design
  • Works with Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink, and Android Auto
  • mySPIN is compatible with a range of smartphone apps for music, navigation, news, travel, and communication

Why Bosch Connected Mobility

Customers and business partners benefit from solutions with exceptional technologies and a combination of outstanding strengths and capabilities.

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Comprehensive portfolio for all vehicle classes

Bosch fosters mobility's advancement by offering a comprehensive range of services. The result: valuable synergies for the development and manufacturing of vehicles and mobility solutions.

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Maximum system benefits

A high level of expertise in all vehicle technologies and experience in diverse fields allow Bosch to create one fully connected system out of many technologies.

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Innovative strength

At Bosch, connected mobility is firmly embedded in extensive research and development for internet of things. To create innovative solutions that are constantly evolving.

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Quality and reliability

Time and again Bosch technology has proven reliable and long-lasting in all vehicle classes. This is especially true for all components of connected system technologies.

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Reliable partnership

Bosch's involvement in connected mobility reaches far beyond collaboration with car manufactures. Bosch also connects infrastructure and services for future mobility.

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Global presence

Bosch also works internationally on connected mobility solutions. This provides insight into local trends and market know-how, and keeps customers nearby.

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