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Collaboration and leadership

Let‘s inspire each other. Inspire a better today and tomorrow by staying true to your values and creating future. Work #LikeABosch

A diverse team of associates is posing together in a meeting room full of post-its having fun.

At Bosch, we value values

Everyone is different — and that’s what we love. Get inspired by a place where you can be you and be enriched by the perspectives of our community around the globe. Cooperation, openness, respect, and trust — that’s Bosch.

Our values

We value our values. Our culture is based on the values ​​of our company founder Robert Bosch: mutual respect, fairness, openness, trust, responsibility and a focus on solutions. We live what we say — and are proud to be part of Bosch. This is more than management rhetoric, we genuinely inspire each other. In surveys, more than 80% of our employees agree.

Our diversity

Our goal is to improve life; to create a better world today and tomorrow. That strategy has many facets, just like our employees. With individuality comes new ideas and ultimately new technology. With such a broad network of Bosch colleagues, you can share your knowledge and experience all over the world, exchange ideas and learn from each other — in employee networks, global projects, or in your free time.

Our Alumni are also a great source of support and further inspiration. Through the “Bosch Management Support” we host a kind of ‘inter-generational exchange and knowledge transfer’ with our retired senior experts.
Diversity is the key to our success — and firmly anchored in our corporate culture.

Our leadership

We live leadership in a new way. At Bosch we believe that we all have a leadership role. In other words: WE all LEAD Bosch. We see “Leadership” from three key perspectives: all employees lead themselves; many lead a team, a project or a topic; and we all lead together with each of us leading the business. We have described how we lead and how we work together in ten sentences, the “We LEAD Bosch” principles. Our vision: all employees contribute their expertise and passion and make a difference for the benefit of Bosch; in line with our mission “Invented for Life”. Enjoying work, bringing expertise into the organisation; whilst doing so, growing personally and developing as a team; and always achieving top performance — with you in the driver's seat.

At Bosch, you change lives

We love our business — and our environment. Based on a charitable foundation, we invent technology for life while supporting social and environmental projects at the same time. Leave a lasting mark on the world with innovative, beneficial and smart solutions.

Bosch is becoming carbon neutral

Sustainability at Bosch

Sustainability at Bosch

We aim to develop ‘technology for life’ . Our commitment to sustainability, to the ‘long term’, is deep in our DNA. More than 400 of our locations are already CO₂-neutral, yet we want to do more to reduce our impact on the climate. We want to shape climate change and closely examine the CO₂ footprint of our products, procured goods and logistics chain. And we support every one of our employees on their personal path to a sustainable lifestyle.

Bosch is becoming carbon neutral
The Robert Bosch Stiftung

The Bosch Foundation — our basis

The Bosch Foundation — our basis

To focus on our mission we have to remain completely independent of outside pressures and focus on creating technologies that contribute and improve people’s lives. As a GmbH, we are independent of stock markets and 92% of our company shares are held by the non-profit Robert Bosch Foundation. Through them, our company profits flow into social projects and organisations in the fields of research, health, education and society. Our success makes a visible difference to the world around us and it inspires us to create, innovate and improve the world even more.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung
Bosch in Renningen

Invented for Life

Invented for Life

For over 100 years we have been a place for sparks, catalysts, thinkers, pioneers and problem solvers who are always looking for new and exciting challenges that enrich people's lives. Highlights include;

  • The world’s only fully automated and driverless parking tech.
  • COVID-19 rapid test for reliable results and greater safety and certainty in just 39 minutes.
  • By 2025, all electronic Bosch products should have built-in AI

With a modern, spacious and inspiring working environment, we deliberately foster collaboration, teamwork and disruptive, innovative thinking. Step inside and you‘ll find space for learning together and networking, freedom to think, and an awesome team all working together to change lives.

Bosch in Renningen

Inspire with Bosch — At a glance

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